Riding Holidays in Transylvania-equestrian tourism in the land of Dracula

About us

About Stefan cel Mare Equestrian Centre | About Julian | The Staff

Owned and operated by Julian Ross, Stefan cel Mare is the longest-established equestrian centre in Romania, operating year-round with qualified guides and experienced staff. A native of England, Julian is the only non-Romanian rider to be licensed by the Romanian Ministry of Tourism as a specialized equestrian guide—a legal requirement in the country.

The centre offers high-quality trail-riding and carriage-driving tours through the beautiful Transylvanian landscape using locally-bred horses, including Lipizzaner, Semigreu, Arabian, Bucovina, and Hutzul breeds. (More about Our Horses.)

In addition to trail and carriage rides, sightseeing opportunities throughout Romania are available. All guides are English-speaking and Stefan cel Mare focuses on providing the high-quality service to which its visitors are accustomed.

The centre is also active in promoting good horsemanship and guiding skills. Working with the Romanian Ministry of Tourism, the centre has trained and examined 15 new equestrian guides.


And for your peace of mind.

  • Stefan cel Mare is a licensed tour operator, as required by the Romanian Ministry of Tourism.
  • Julian is qualified as a manager of an incoming tour operator, including a personal tourism brevet issued by the Ministry of Tourism.
  • All equestrian activities are supervised by a qualified guide recognised by the Ministry of Tourism.
  • As a tour operator, Stefan cel Mare is fully insured, including coverage for insolvency, risks to clients, and third-party issues.
  • Stefan cel Mare is the most-experienced equestrian centre in Romania, with over 100 years of combined experience among Julian and the staff.