Riding Holidays in Transylvania-equestrian tourism in the land of Dracula

Internship Opportunities

Depending on workload and scheduling, Stefan cel Mare accepts two to three unpaid interns each year to assist with grooming and caring for the centre's horses, exercising and training young horses, maintaining tack and saddlery, and accompanying trail rides. All interns receive free room and board at the centre. Previous interns have found the experience valuable in further honing their horsemanship and in learning about a different culture.

"I would highly recommend working at the Stefan cel Mare Equestrian Centre to anyone interested in experiencing an old-fashioned agricultural society first hand, where horses are essential to everyday life. Unlike many centers, the horses at Stefan cel Mare are well cared for and exceptionally relaxed, and the manager, Englishman Julian Ross, is a great guy to work for. He has been in the country so long that he can answer any questions about the area and its culture, history, and horse breeds, so you will come home well educated in a new culture. There are almost unlimited hours of riding to be had and the working hours and accommodation are more than fair, with plenty of time off to relax or explore the beautiful mountains."
-Amelia Seifert, Liverpool, England, who worked at Stefan cel Mare in autumn 2006 as part of her gap year

For more information, contact the equestrian centre.