Riding Holidays in Transylvania-equestrian tourism in the land of Dracula

Rides & Carriage Trips

Stefan cel Mare offers one- and two-week trail rides from April through October for groups of up to eight. Often made up of a number of people who have booked separately, the small groups make for friendly and interesting riding, allowing the guide to provide individual attention to each rider. Larger groups are possible when booked as private tours.

Each week of a ride includes five days of trail riding, with between four and six hours in the saddle per day, broken up with rest stops and a break for lunch. A circuit course is covered, with guests staying in local guesthouses (comparable to B&Bs) for several nights along the way. All guest baggage is transferred to the nightly accommodation by the centre's staff.

  • One-week moving-on trail ride: Suitable for riders of intermediate ability and upwards who want to experience the mountains and scenic views of the area.
  • Two-week moving-on trail ride: Available on request during the summer months, offers ten days of trail-riding—punctuated by a weekend break for sightseeing. These rides venture even further off the beaten track into more remote mountain areas and feature a visit to the Lucina mountain horse stud, which may be the oldest continuously functioning horse-breeding centre in the world.
  • One-week centre-based trail ride: Suitable for occasional riders and those who are less experienced, these rides are comprised of a series of day rides through less challenging terrain and return to the equestrian centre daily.
  • Winter Riding & Adventure Program: Suitable for riders of intermediate ability and upwards, these rides provide the opportunity to ride in the snow, as well as enjoy sleigh rides, snow shoeing and other winter activities.
  • Day trips: In addition to its weekly programme of rides, day trips by horse or carriage are also available to visitors. A variety of trails are used, each displaying the natural beauty of the mountains surrounding the village of Lunca Ilvei.

The rides offer a varied pace, taking guests through forests, across pastures, and up steep mountain tracks. The scenery is beautiful and diverse, the area largely untouched by tourism. The mountainous terrain limits the speed of the ride, but there are opportunities for trots and canters each day where the terrain permits.

The centre also offers Carriage-Driving Tours for those who wish to travel by horse-drawn vehicle. Based on the one-week moving-on trail ride, carriage-driving tours are available from the beginning of May to the beginning of November. Around five hours are spent driving daily and a variety of terrain is traversed. There are options for experienced carriage drivers, who may drive themselves, and for those with little or no experience, who will be driven by an experienced guide.

In addition, Stefan cel Mare is happy to host groups from riding schools, riding clubs, military units, and other groups interested in booking special activities. Custom itineraries can be arranged on request.